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Scaffold towers and podiums for sale in Prolift Access online shop

Industrial scaffold towers offering work platform heights from 2.2m to 12.2m are now available to buy from the Prolift Access online store.

Items available to order include the Lyte Ladders range of 3T compatible Helix and HiLyte Industrial Tower Systems, with prices starting at £882.95 excluding VAT.

The Helix was the first welded product manufactured by Lyte for the tower division in 2002, and has seen many changes to improve its performance and durability during the past decade.

The Hilyte tower was introduced into the Lyte welded product range in 2007 as a result of continuous product research, consultation with customers, development and innovation.

The 250mm span frame pitch and double hatchdeck option enables users to comply with 3T regulations with ease as the tower can be accessed at each level from both sides within the tower.

For customers needing a smaller industrial tower, the Lyte Industrial Folding System is also available to buy. It offers seven platform heights ranging from 0.6m to 6.1m.

All orders include free shipping to UK addresses, and aim to be delivered within four to six working days. Click the link to visit the Prolift Access online shop and see the range of industrial scaffold towers for sale.

Ladders for sale from Prolift Access online shop

Prolift Access now has a range of domestic, trade and industrial ladders available to buy from its online shop.

Prices for our glassfibre stepladders, that come in a range of sizes, start at £51.95 excluding VAT.

We also have two and three-section push-up extension ladders for sale from £69.98 excluding VAT, while prices for our single or double section roof ladders start at £93.05 excluding VAT.

Click on the links to view our range of roof ladders for sale, extension ladders for sale and stepladders for sale.

We also have a range of low level and mobile working platforms for sale in our ‘podiums and platforms’ section of the shop.

How van drivers can protect their tools from thieves

Van drivers are facing an increasing threat from tool thieves after a spate of vehicle break-ins over the summer months.

Police have investigated dozens of incidents involving the theft of power tools and other items from vans, work sites and trade centres.

Officers have advised tradesmen to keep their vehicles secure every time they leave them – even if it is just for a few minutes, which is all an opportunist thief needs.

To help drivers in the fight against tool theft crime, Prolift Access is now stocking a range of van security items in its online shop.

Van Vault offers secure tool storage for vehicles of all sizes, as well as site storage, locks and chains.

Whether you’re a tradesman on the move and require a Van Vault Mobi to keep your tools secure between jobs, or you’re looking for the toughest anti-theft features of the Van Vault 4-Store, you’ll be sure to find the perfect item for you.

Prices start at £118.37 excluding VAT for the Mobi, up to £658.35 (ex.VAT) for the 4-Store.

Browse our online shop’s Van Vault range by clicking the link – Van Vault secure tool storage for sale

Sack trucks and skip ramps available to buy from Prolift Access online shop

Prolift Access is now offering a range of sack trucks for sale from our online shop.

There are trucks available to buy which are capable of carrying loads between 80kg and 300kg, as well as both light and heavy duty stair climber versions. Prices start at £31.76 excluding VAT.

We are also stocking pallet trucks and skip ramps. To check out the full range for sale in our online shop, click on our sack trucks for sale.

Powered access “infinitely safer” than tower cranes for lifting people

Powered access equipment provides an “infinitely safer” way for workers to carry out temporary work at height, according to the head of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF).

IPAF’s CEO Tim Whiteman reiterated the federation’s position after a statement issued by Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) condemned the use of tower cranes for lifting people for entertainment purposes.

Mr Whiteman said: “IPAF has repeatedly highlighted its position that purpose-built powered access equipment is an infinitely safer and more precise method of providing access to carry out temporary work at height.

“We welcome the CPA statement and remind operators and managers that cranes should be used for lifting loads, not people.”

The CPA’s Tower Crane Interest Group said tower cranes are definitely not suitable for such activities during a recent meeting of its steering committee.

The CPA letter states: “The use of tower cranes for lifting persons at work is permitted by the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) only ‘in exceptional circumstances, when it is not practicable to gain access by less hazardous means’.

“BS 7121-1:2006 gives detailed advice on planning and carrying out such operations.”

Click the link to read the full Construction Plant-hire Association letter about lifting people with tower cranes.

Wind speed meters for sale from Prolift Access online shop

Prolift Access now has wind speed meters available to buy online from our website shop.

The digital anemometer is a perfect tool for any construction workers using powered access as it measures wind speed in either mph, kph, m/s, ft/min or knots.

It displays wind speed on a Beaufort Scale bar graph, and also measures the current temperature in °C or °F.

A backlit LCD screen makes the display easy to read even in low light, and the meter comes with a handy neck band to help prevent you from losing it in bad weather.

Our digital anemometers are available to order online now at £22.50 excluding VAT, with FREE UK delivery. Visit the Prolift Access online shop to place your order.

VIDEO: BoSS X3X-SP self propelled scissor lift in operation

The BoSS X3X-SP self propelled micro scissor lift was designed to be the tallest, slimmest and lightest of its kind, and this video showcases its impressive versatility.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, its closed platform height of 1.74m and 76cm width means it fits easily through standard doorways and down narrow aisles.

The platform can be raised to its full safe working height of 5.14m in only 19 seconds.

If you’re interested in hiring one of our self propelled micro scissor lifts, watch the video below and then click the link to see our BoSS X3X-SP scissor lift hire details.



IPAF PAL+ is for operators looking for a more advanced and extensive training.  Is is a one-day course aimed at operators working in higher risk or challenging environments and is targeted at experienced operators with actual onsite working backgrounds.

Courses can take place at any of our dedicated training centres.

For more information about this course, please call us on 0845 366 47 55 or click the link to find out more about our IPAF operator training and other Prolift Access courses.

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