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Rhino fans and air conditioning for sale

The Rhino Air Raid 500 fan (main picture) is available to buy from our e-shop, along with the Rhino’s air conditioning units and their Crowd Cooler fan (inset)

Prolift Access is selling a range of Rhino air conditioning units and industrial fans to help keep your office, workshop or warehouse cool this summer.

The versatile Air Conditioner 12000 is Rhino’s newest model and is a 4-in-1 unit. It has four different modes of operation – cooling, heating, dehumidifier or fan – and comes with a remote control for quick and easy temperature adjustments.

The Air Conditioner 12000 also has a digital timer feature so you can ensure the unit shuts off at the end of the day, or starts cooling a room before people arrive. It is available to buy now from Prolift’s e-shop for just £299.95 + VAT. Mainland UK delivery in 1-3 days is included in the price.

The smaller Air Conditioner 9000 is also available to buy now at £229.95 + VAT. It has a cooling capability of 9000BTU/hr. Both units are perfect for cooling and temperature control in offices or smaller working areas.

To cool larger more open indoor areas, such as workshops or warehouses, the Rhino Air Raid 500 industrial fan is the ideal solution.

Available to buy as either 110v or 230v, it is powerful and tough, featuring a seven-blade 50cm diameter balanced fan powered by a 780W flush-fitted sealed motor. It is available to buy now from our e-shop at £274.95 + VAT with UK mainland delivery included.

The largest industrial fan available to buy is the Rhino Crowd Cooler fan, costing £343.95 + VAT with mainland UK delivery included. The seven-blade 50cm diameter ballasted fan is height and tilt-adjustable, and can be extended to up to 2.1m in height.

It is perfect for cooling crowds at events or in gyms and leisure facilities, and is available as 110V or 230V.

All our Rhino cooling products are in high demand during these hot summer months, so there maybe a waiting time of 2-3 weeks on any orders received after the current stock runs out. To enquire about the latest stock availability or delivery times for any of our Rhino fans and air conditioning units for sale, call 01823 653927.

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