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How to avoid running out of diesel while on site

Prolift Access are now offering FuelBoxes with any diesel boom or scissor lift hire to give customers peace of mind with an emergency refuelling option.

These innovative 20-litre boxes of red diesel can be stored on site and used to top up your powered access machinery quickly and easily.

FuelBoxes have a glug-free pouring system to prevent unnecessary spillages and waste, and will help customers reduce downtime when faced with run-outs on site.

The UN-approved bag-in-a-box system is suitable for all off-road diesel engines fitted with DPF, EGR and SCR systems, including modern machines calibrated to EN590.

FuelBoxes are available to buy alongside your hire. For more information watch the video above or visit the FuelBox page on our website. Contact your local hire desk for further details.

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