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How van drivers can protect their tools from thieves

Van drivers are facing an increasing threat from tool thieves after a spate of vehicle break-ins over the summer months.

Police have investigated dozens of incidents involving the theft of power tools and other items from vans, work sites and trade centres.

Officers have advised tradesmen to keep their vehicles secure every time they leave them – even if it is just for a few minutes, which is all an opportunist thief needs.

To help drivers in the fight against tool theft crime, Prolift Access is now stocking a range of van security items in its online shop.

Van Vault offers secure tool storage for vehicles of all sizes, as well as site storage, locks and chains.

Whether you’re a tradesman on the move and require a Van Vault Mobi to keep your tools secure between jobs, or you’re looking for the toughest anti-theft features of the Van Vault 4-Store, you’ll be sure to find the perfect item for you.

Prices start at £118.37 excluding VAT for the Mobi, up to £658.35 (ex.VAT) for the 4-Store.

Browse our online shop’s Van Vault range by clicking the link – Van Vault secure tool storage for sale

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