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‘Idiots on ladders’ highlight importance of training and safety

The winner of this year’s ‘Idiots on Ladders’ competition, run by the Ladder Association

The world’s craziest and most dangerous uses of ladders in the workplace have been shamed in a photo competition by the UK’s industry body.

The Ladder Association uses its Idiots on Ladders competition to highlight the worst ways to work at height using ladders, and to promote safety and training.

It has just announced this year’s winner – a photo showing two men working on a church roof, using a precariously-placed extension ladder to prop up a second ladder against the roof.

Ladder Association chairman Cameron Clow said: “Idiots on Ladders is about shaming bad practice and showing how important training is.

“Ladders are a practical and indispensable option in the workplace but, like any other piece of work at height equipment, they have to be used safely and competently.”The Ladder Association’s message has always been that if it’s right to use a ladder, use the right ladder and get trained to use it safely.

“With falls from height the main cause of death in the UK workplace, the people in these pictures really are taking their lives in their hands.”

Idiots on Ladders

The runner-up shows work on traffic lights in a Bangkok street, using a ladder perched on top of a car with hazard lights on as traffic drives by

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