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Ladder safety training and tips to stay safe in the workplace

A third of all reported fall-from-height incidents involve ladders and stepladders, according to figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

These statistics indicate that ladder falls account for 14 deaths and 1,200 serious injuries every year.

To reduce these figures, the HSE insists on employers taking suitable precautions as outlined in the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

This involves knowing when to use a ladder and selecting the right sort of ladder for that specific job, safe use of the ladder, how to look after and maintain it, and how to take all the necessary safety precautions.

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If you’re planning to buy new ladders, why not book in a place on our safe use of ladders and stepladders training course – anyone who successfully completes our training course will get nationally recognised certification, enabling them to safely use ladders and stepladders and to carry out and document periodic statutory ladder inspections.

The half-day course should last for around four hours, depending on the experience of the trainees.

Courses can take place at one of our dedicated training centres, or we can send one of our IPAF-approved trainers to your site if suitable facilities are available. For more details, contact our training centre on 0845 3664755.


  • Do a daily pre-use check (include ladder feet)
  • Secure it
  • Ground should be firm and level, floors should be clean not slippery
  • Maximum safe ground side slope 16°
  • Maximum safe ground back slope 6°
  • Have a strong upper resting point (not plastic guttering)
  • Short duration work (maximum 30mins)
  • Light work (up to 10kg)
  • Ladder angle 75°
  • Always grip the ladder when climbing
  • Do not overreach
  • Do not work off the top three rungs


  • Daily pre-use check (feet included)
  • Ensure there is space to fully open
  • Use any locking devices
  • Ground should be firm and level, floors should be clean not slippery
  • Short duration work (maximum 30mins)
  • Light work (up to 10kg)
  • Do not work off the top two steps unless you have a safe handhold on the steps
  • Avoid side-on working
  • Do not overreach

Click the link to download the HSE’s top tips for ladder and stepladder safety.

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