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Powered access refurbishment at Prolift Access can help you save money

Nifty HR12 powered access refurbishment

New lease of life: The 1995 HR12NBE after a complete refurbishment at Prolift Access’s main depot in Wellington

A full refurbishment of your powered access could be the money-saving alternative to buying a new machine you’ve been looking for.

This 1995 Nifty HR12 NBE is the latest machine to have undergone a complete overhaul in the workshop of Prolift Access’s main depot in Wellington.

The 19-year-old self-propelled boom lift has now been given a new lease of life thanks to the refurbishment, which is one of many services offered by Prolift’s team of powered access experts.

Engineering manager Terry Cole said: “It was in a poor condition when it arrived, regularly breaking down which meant it was very unreliable for the customer’s business.

“Its cosmetic condition was also terrible, but now it’s like a new machine.

“A full refurbishment is very cost-effective compared to buying a second-hand machine that is four or five years old, and it far outweighs the cost of buying a new one.

“Seeing this HR12 looking so good again is extremely satisfying for our engineers, and a great reward for all their time and effort during the refurbishment process.”

When the HR12 arrived at the workshop, its basket was beyond repair and had to be replaced.

Engineers stripped the boom and replaced the wear pads, pins, bushes and slew bushes. The slew bearings were so badly worn they would have been given a serious defect under LOLER regulations.

The steering axle was worn out and needed to be remade, and the braking system was completely overhauled.

The machine was fitted with a new hose kit, wiring looms, wheels and foam-filled tyres, and underwent numerous engine repairs and a service.

Its owners said: “When our MEWP returned to site, it was unrecognisable from the machine that was sent away. It looks and operates like a new machine – Prolift Access have done a fantastic job.”

Nifty HR12 powered access repairs

The owners of this 19-year-old HR12 say it “looks and operates like a new machine” following its refurbishment at Prolift Access

Among the repairs carried out by Prolift’s engineers:

  • Replaced all wheels
  • Renewed powertrack trunking
  • Replaced cage assembly and fitted new drop bar
  • Replaced king pins and bushes
  • Replaced bushes and pins in cage levelling ram
  • Replaced main slew bearings and worn teleboom wear pads
  • Overhauled brake system
  • Overhauled hydraulic system and replaced all hoses and seals
  • Renewed low speed motor brushes
  • Cleaned corrosion from battery terminals
  • Carried out full engine service
  • Replaced main loom from base to cage
  • Fitted new top control box, and replaced seal kit in cage control levers
  • Fitted new set of machine decals
  • Machine shot blast and respray

For more information on powered access refurbishment, call our engineering department on 0845 366 4755 or visit our Prolift Access service, repairs and maintenance page.

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