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Scaffold towers and podiums for sale in Prolift Access online shop

Industrial scaffold towers offering work platform heights from 2.2m to 12.2m are now available to buy from the Prolift Access online store.

Items available to order include the Lyte Ladders range of 3T compatible Helix and HiLyte Industrial Tower Systems, with prices starting at £882.95 excluding VAT.

The Helix was the first welded product manufactured by Lyte for the tower division in 2002, and has seen many changes to improve its performance and durability during the past decade.

The Hilyte tower was introduced into the Lyte welded product range in 2007 as a result of continuous product research, consultation with customers, development and innovation.

The 250mm span frame pitch and double hatchdeck option enables users to comply with 3T regulations with ease as the tower can be accessed at each level from both sides within the tower.

For customers needing a smaller industrial tower, the Lyte Industrial Folding System is also available to buy. It offers seven platform heights ranging from 0.6m to 6.1m.

All orders include free shipping to UK addresses, and aim to be delivered within four to six working days. Click the link to visit the Prolift Access online shop and see the range of industrial scaffold towers for sale.

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