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Use a cherry picker and save valuable time when working at height

Have you ever wondered how much time you could save by using a cherry picker instead of a scaffold tower?

A new video from cherry picker manufacturer Hinowa shows the difference in speed when using its LightLift 17.75 for work at height compared to a traditional access tower.

Using a split screen display and time lapse footage, it shows two different teams working on the same house.

Workers using the Hinowa machine completed the work and were ready to leave the site in less than one hour – 59mins 10secs to be precise.

As the Hinowa team were pulling away, the scaffold workers weren’t even halfway towards completion. To erect the tower, do the job and then take the structure down again, it took more than three hours. Proof that work with a cherry picker can take just one-third of the time.

Prolift Access has a very similar machine to the one featured in this video for sale. The Hinowa GoldLift 17.80XL is a tracked aerial platform that offers a maximum working height of 17m.

The 2011 model is available to buy for £34,695 + VAT. Click on the link above for more details, or call us on 01823 665902.

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