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Video: How to carry out a pre-start inspection on MEWPs

A Prolift Access cherry picker landed the starring role during a live demonstration of MEWP safety checks at this year’s Vertikal Days event.

Prolift’s Nifty HR12NBi was used by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) to show visitors all the checks that need to be carried out before starting a machine.

IPAF senior instructor and examiner Martin Wraith was joined by technical officer Chris Wraith to go through a thorough pre-start examination, which has now been released on video.

The inspectors were particularly impressed with the condition of Prolift’s HR12 – a 2001 model which has recently undergone a full refurbishment – and highlighted it as a fantastic example of how it pays to look after your powered access machinery.

The demonstration covered visual and function checks, which include:

  • Documentation
  • Wheels/tyres
  • Engine/power source
  • Hydraulics
  • Hoses and cables
  • Outriggers/stabilisers
  • Chassis, boom and scissor pack
  • Platform or cage
  • Decals and signage
  • Ground and platform controls

Click on the link to download an IPAF pre-use inspection checklist for MEWPs or watch the video above. For more information on any of Prolift Access’s hire, sales, maintenance and training services, call us on 01823 665902.

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