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Video: Why you must wear a safety harness when operating a cherry picker

A viral video being shared across social media sites highlights just how important it is to wear a harness when operating a cherry picker.

The 30-second clip appears to show an operator trying to manoeuvre the machine down a step without using a harness.

The person somehow manages to stay in the cage following the impact of the front wheels dropping down, but is thrown into the air and to the ground when the rear wheels descend.

The operator appears to escape without suffering any serious injuries, but the video is a shocking example of just how essential it is to use your safety harnesses correctly. You can view the clip below.

At Prolift Access, we sell IPAF height safety kits which include a front and rear D harness and adjustable restraint lanyard, both kept safely together in a tough and durable plastic case. We also offer IPAF training which can show operators how to correctly inspect and use harnesses.

You can buy safety harnesses online from our e-shop or find out more about our IPAF Harness Use and Inspection training course.

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