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What is BS 8620? How to meet the new standard for podiums and low-level work platforms

LytePod BS 8620 Podiums

The LytePod is fully compliant with the new BS 8620 standard

The introduction of the new BS 8620 standard for low-level work platforms is an important development for all contractors who use podiums on site.

More and more construction sites will start listing BS 8620 as a minimum requirement for use of low-level work platforms.

The LytePod is a fully certified BS 8620 podium. It is available to buy in three different sizes – 1m, 1.2m or 1.5m.

Each podium has two adjustable platform heights and is fully compliant with BS 8620, which has developed from the PAS 250 specifications.

Prolift Access are an official Lyte online supplier, and we have the new BS 8620 LytePod Podiums available for sale on our website.

PASMA are advising any users with non-PAS250 podiums to upgrade their units to the new BS 8620 podiums immediately. Those with PAS250-compliant podiums do not need to stop using them straight away, but are advised to upgrade to BS 8620 when they require replacing.

If your site or contractor specifies BS 8620 as the minimum requirement for podium use, contact us on 01823 653927¬†or email [email protected] to enquire about buying the LytePod.

For more information on the PAS 250 transition to BS 8620, check out PASMA’s PAS250 / BS8620 FAQs. This includes advice on what to do if you currently own non-compliant podiums.

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